Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 3 Blade

 System 3 Watermelon

309 System 3 Dodger Blue

System 3 Dodger Blue

Qty @ $8.99

Matching Lures

#610 Blue Star Lure

#652 Hot Blue Spinner Bug

#309 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 3 Blade Blue: Textured hot blue UV pads – both sides. Hot fluorescent UV blue spinner. Pearlescent white UV beads give contrast to the four (4) glass UV blue beads. Blue is excellent at all depths, all season.

310 System 3 Dodger Chartreuse

System 3 Dodger Chartreuse

Qty @ $8.99

Matching Lures

#602 Caboose Lure

#653 Hot Chartreuse Spinner Bug

#310 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 3 Blade Chartreuse: The holographic pads - both sides - are explosive in fluorescent ("UV") chartreuse. Hot fluorescent ("UV") chartreuse beads in perfect contrast with bright yellow beads. Leading willow blade spinner is also UV Chartreuse. Stays bright and highly visible.

305 System 3 Dodger Green

System 3 Dodger Green

Qty @ $8.99

Matching Lures

#617 Green Sparkle Lure

#654 Hot Green Spinner Bug

#305 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 3 Blade Green: Bright fluorescent UV green pads, both sides. Fluorescent UV green willow spinner up front, with hot UV green beads and white pearlescent UV beads. Maintains its crisp colors throughout the water column.

311 System 3 Dodger Natural Glow

System 3 Dodger Natural Glow

Qty @ $8.99

Matching Lures

#604 Deep Glow Lure

#659 White Glow Spinner Bug

#311 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 3 Blade Natural Glow: Extended natural glow pads on each side. Extended glow willow spinner and beads. Extended glow takes its own light to darker depths.

306 System 3 Dodger Hot Orange

System 3 Dodger Hot Orange

Qty @ $8.99

Matching Lures

#606 Orange Popsicle Lure

#655 Hot Orange Spinner Bug

#306 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 3 Blade Hot Orange: Very bright textured fluorescent UV orange pads, both sides. Hot UV orange willow spinner with intense hot UV orange beads and UV pearlescent beads. Stays bright to get your presentation noticed.

312 System 3 Dodger Hot Pink

System 3 Dodger Hot Pink

Qty @ $8.99

Matching Lures

#1101 Pink Stomper Lure

#656 Hot Pink Spinner Bug

#312 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 3 Blade Hot Pink: Holographic hot pink pads, both sides. Hot pink willow spinner, with hot pink and pearlescent beads. The whole thing is UV fluorescent. Excellent at all depths.

307 System 3 Dodger Purple

System 3 Dodger Purple

Qty @ $8.99

Matching Lures

#618 Purple Rage Lure

#657 Purple Hatchling Spinner Bug

#307 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 3 Blade Purple: Holographic rich purple pads, both sides. Custom royal purple willow spinner, with pearlescent purple and pearlescent white beads. Because purple light penetrates all the way down the water column, this presentation remains highly visible at all depths.

308 System 3 Dodger Watermelon

System 3 Dodger Watermelon

Qty @ $8.99

Matching Lures

#611 Watermelon Lure

#658 Watermelon Spinner Bug

#308 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 3 Blade Watermelon: Bright fluorescent UV color pads in green and hot pink, both sides. Hot green willow spinner with UV beads of green, pink and pearlescent white. Outstanding visibility.

The Fish With Gary™ System 3 Dodgers present a radical departure from the usual blade design. High visibility for maximum contrast is combined with rotational, pulsing vibrations. When coupled with a matching FWG lure, the combination provokes a reactive bite in many instances where regular dodgers and lures are ignored by your target fish.

These dodgers incorporate a three lobed "leaf" design in an ultralight blade. The blade itself has a narrow offset recurve entry, with a wide counter balancing lobed tail. The unique aspect of this design is that it allows the fisherman to change the action of the blade simply by increasing or decreasing the presentation speed. Slow presentation will give a back and forth wobble. Increased speed will allow the whole blade to rotate in an arc, similar to that of a trolled cut plug herring so effective on king salmon. This arc rotation drives fish crazy, and gives your trailing lure tremendous arc action as well. With this presentation, you can not only target Kokanee, but also Mackinaw (lake trout), Bull Trout, ‘Bows, Browns, landlocked Kings and Cohos.. Just pick your target speed and do it.

The arc rotation will not twist your line, as I have incorporated an in-line bead chain swivel that works in conjunction with two other crane swivels. The dodger is free to move about without any line twisting. Blade design reduces drag.

These Dodgers also have the unique FWG up-front beads and willow blade spinner to enable a maximum color presentation. Short leaders are preferred, about 6-8" behind dodger, (unless you are using an Apex or similar type lure, which requires a leader of about 27").

Always fish a lure that matches the color scheme of the dodger leading it. Kokanee will first key in on the dodger (attraction). The dodger color scheme imprints the Kokanee with a particular color sequence, which is best duplicated in the lure (provoking a strike). See Match Match The Dodger To The Correct Lure Chart to order the correct lures.


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