Kokanee Attracting Mini-Flasher


550 Kokanee Attracting Mini-Flasher Polished Nickel

550 Mini-Flasher Polished Nickel

Qty @ $3.99

#550 Kokanee Attracting Mini-Flasher Polished Nicke:

551 Kokanee Attracting Mini-Flasher Polished Brass

551 Mini-Flasher Polished Brass

Qty @ $3.99

#551 Kokanee Attracting Mini-Flasher Polished Brass:

Vibration is what initially attracts the fish to your setup. For many years kokanee enthusiasts would drag around so called "Pop Gear" consisting of large spinning blades that produced huge vibrations, but one could hardly ever tell if a fish was on the line. The drag was so much a heavier rod was required. Not much fun.

A few years back, the ultralight revolution came and fishermen were delighted that, by using ultralight tackle and rods, they could actually know when a fish was on, and at the same time, the overall success/take rate jumped significantly.

For tackle designers making ultralight tackle, the challenge has been how to increase attracting vibrations without increasing weighty drag. Basic physics tells us that force (sound generation in water) equals mass times acceleration. Thus, at the same speed, a heavier object will produce more force than a lighter object. The trick is to maximize the vibration without compromising the ultralight design.

Paper/foil smile spinners have found some success these past few years. The problem is because they are so light, paper/foil spinners cannot produce any longer range attracting vibrations, regardless of speed.

We decided to increase the spinner weight and found that a Number 2 Colorado Deep Cut Blade was ideal, and that in-line, the correct number was 3 such blades. This combination added no discernable drag, while weighing in at just 5 grams for the entire setup, which is less than ¼ oz. The deep cut blades performed very well, even at slow speeds.


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