Use Lures That Match The Dodger - Explained

Each lure is hand tied using quality leader (10# test Maxima) and snelled tandem #4 Gamakatsu octopus hooks. Spinners carry the same color on both sides. Only the finest and longest lasting glows and quality fluorescent and glass beads are used. Each FWG dodger has at least one similar FWG lure which makes the most effective presentation.

No, these are not like wedding rings. Not even close.


The Fish With Gary™ System approach to attracting your target species fish and then stimulating a consistent biting response depends on matching the color scheme of the dodger with the correct matching lure. The lure is a separate purchase from the matching dodger.

Attraction Response Needs To Lead To A Biting Response

The need to match the dodger with the lure is vital to FWG System approach. Remember it is the dodger that is the attractor. Our FWG dodger blades create attracting vibrations when being trolled. They create low level vibrations that your target fish can sense. Remember that vibrations are sound waves that travel very fast in water (5,000 feet per second). And these vibrations truly are sound, even though the frequencies of those vibrations are well below the ability of the human ear to detect. Our target fish are well equipped biologically to detect such low level vibrations and can form a three-dimensional picture in their mind to determine the direction of that sound. Our target fish are curious, so off they go to investigate. That is the attraction response.

Our target fish need to determine if the sound is a threat or no threat (which is one of the factors in staying alive while in the water). Depending on the clarity of the water, our fish will have to swim fairly close to the dodger to make that determination. Our dodgers are no threat to your target fish. Our target fish has the ability to see color only in front of its snoot a distance of about 18 inches. We want our target fish to see the entire dodger and its matching lure within that 18 inch window. We want the target fish to see the front spinner of the dodger, and the very last bead on the lure within that window. Outside that 18 inch window, the fish can only see contrast (shades of gray). Inside that widow the fish can see color. Quite literally, there is specific distance where the contrast turns from shades of gray contrast to full color, as though it was an explosion of color to the sight of the fish. The friendly sound made by the attracting dodger is boasting a particular color scheme that effectively imprints the mind of the fish with those colors, and when the trailing lure matches those dodger colors, your target fish is literally compelled to go after that trailing lure. This is the biting response. The generous use of scent on the lures greatly adds to the biting response.

That means the matching lure must be about 6-8" behind the dodger. That short distance also gives greater action to the lure. And, this whole "system" works because the dodger colors and contrasts and the trailing lure colors and contrasts are matched. You simply just can’t throw anything with hooks behind the dodger and expect it to be efficient and effective. Use Lures That Match The Dodger.



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